Orange Zephyr

The Greeks are hardly lazy nation as there are about 4000 officially registered national dances plus the unofficial.

Blizzard Ozone

Antarctica is the planet’s driest continent. The McMurdo Dry Valleys  have last seen the rain 2 mln years ago.

Chinook Pepper

Indian Chinook tribe believed: salmons sacrifice themselves to people, and after death their souls take on human disguise.

Ginger Piner

Since 2018, church spires in England will share the Internet and mobile connection.

Hamsin HotPunch

The Hamsin wind begins in Sudan, called Nubia in 3000 BC. Now there are more than 223 pyramids in the country.

Kai Lichee

The world’s longest traffic jam was recorded in Shanghai. It lasted for 12 days and its length was 62 miles.

Pampero Pepino

Argentina, like Brazil, is a very bright country. Since the beginning of the 21st c. it’s been visited by more than 80 mln tourists.

Smoked Blaze

In Scotland, there exists the world’s shortest air flight. The distance is about 1.5 miles, and duration is 47 seconds.

Typhoon Papaya

Daisuke from Japan invented karaoke in 1971, but Roberto Rosario from Philippines was the first to patent it in 1975.

Violet Mistral

The French Provence where sunny weather lasts for 2900 hours a year will easily outmatch US Miami with its 2000 hours.

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